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VGA Male to HDMI Female Converter Adapter 1080p
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Products Specs:
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Product description

The VGA to HDMI(Male to Female) Adapter converts VGA analog signal from the PC, laptop or other to HDMI digital signal for HDTV, monitor, projector with HDMI port. Output Video and audio in full digital HDMI format, no transmission loss.Widely used in conference, classroom, home,etc. 

Compatible with PC, laptop,desktop other device with VGA output port. A good solution for connecting VGA compatible device to your HDMI compatible device . 

1 VGA input male port, 1 HDMI output female port+ 1 3.5mm Audio input port +1 USB Power port
Materialú║Aluminum case
Color: Aluminum
Video support: Yes
Power supportú║Yes

PC VGA resolution: 
640x480_60Hz, 640x480_75Hz
800x600_60Hz, 800x600_75Hz
1024x768_60Hz, 1024x768_75Hz
1152x864_60Hz, 1152x864_75Hz
1280x600_60Hz, 1280x720_60Hz
1280x768_60Hz, 1280x800_60Hz
1280x800_75Hz, 1280x960_60Hz
1280x1024_60Hz, 1280x1024_75Hz
1360x768_60Hz, 1366x768_60Hz
1400x1050_60Hz, 1440x900_60Hz
1600x900_60Hz, 1600x1200_60Hz
1680x1050_60Hz, 1920x1080_60Hz

Important Notes:
1. This is NOT a bi-directional converter. It only transfers signal from VGA to HDMI.
2. The HDMI cable is needed but this are not inclued in this product. 

Package : 1 í┴ Mini VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter- Aluminum 
1 í┴Audio Cable
1 í┴Micro USB Cable

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