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New release: WD1401 wireless USB-C adapter, 4K30Hz

Mar. 01, 2022


C-Smartlink New release: WD1401  wireless USB-C adapter, 4K30Hz, plug and play, no need any settings, support 10 meters


Model No.:  WD1401 

Description: Wireless USB-C adapter 4K30Hz 

Material:  ABS 

Component:  1 x Transmitter  + 1 x Receiver 

Ports on Transmitter: 1 x host + 1 x USB2.0 

 Ports on Receiver:  1 x HDMI ( 4K30Hz) + 1 x USB-C Power ( 5V2A )


- Up to 4K/30Hz resoluion
No Existing WiFi Network Required...
5G WiFi Private Protocol, no worrying about the outside interference by 2.4G/5G etc..
NO NEED any Apps
NO NEED any settings
NO NEED any software installed
NO NEED paired by users (automatically paired)
- Automatically Play
Plug and play, Easy installation
- Low Latency Wireless Coverage 10M
- Convert USB Type-C Port to Wireless HDMI(Stream Wirelessly)
- Works with MacBook, Laptops, Smartphone, Tablets and PCs
- Mirror and Extend Your PC Screen Wirelessly
- Perfect for office, meeting room, Home Entertainment, Conference Room and Educational Applications

Operation method:

Connect Receiver to TV HDMI ports via HDMI cable, and supply power via 5V2A power adapter 

Connect Transmitter to USB-C host ( Notebook etc. ) 

Wait several seconds, then,  display

Operation Vedio:





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