UC0306 9 Ports Dual-USB-C-in Hub, support MacOS MST

UC0306 9 Ports Dual-USB-C-in Hub, support MacOS MST 1. With 2-male-in, with 2 roads of PCB inside. 1 road is USB-C to HDMI 1, and 1 road is USB-C to HUB 2. Designed for MacBook specially ( You can use a USB-C male to female adapter, to use for non-MacBook ) 3. Achieve MacBook's MST ( you can extend 2 different screens from MacBook )
Product Description

Product:USB-C Hub
Ports:9 Ports

2 x HDMI: 4K 60Hz max

2 x USB-A  3.0,    5Gb/s & 5V0.9A @4.5W

1 x USB-A  2.0,    480Mb/s & 5V0.5A @2.5W

1 x SD / Micro SD

1 x PD3.0

1 x 1000M Ethernet

Selling Point

1.  9 ports,  with most necessary ports

2.  Support Window's MST

usb-cusb ctype-ctype cthunderbolt
usb-c cableusb   c cabletype-c   cabletype   c cablethunderbolt   hub
usb-c adapterusb   c adaptertype-c   adaptertype   c adapterthunderbolt   adapter
usb-c converterusb   c convertertype-c   convertertype   c converterthunderbolt   docking
usb-c hubusb   c hubtype-c   hubtype   c hubthunderbolt   docking station
usb-c dockingusb   c dockingtype-c   dockingtype   c dockingthunderbolt   3
usb-c docking stationusb   c docking stationtype-c   docking stationtype   c docking stationthunderbolt   3 hub
usb-c to hdmiusb   c to hdmitype-c   to hdmitype   c to hdmithunderbolt   3 adapter
usb-c to vgausb   c to vgatype-c   to vgatype   c to vgathunderbolt   3 docking
usb-c to dpusb   c to dptype-c   to dptype   c to dpthunderbolt   3 docking station
usb-c ssdusb   c ssdtype-c   ssdtype   c ssddisplaylink
usb-c ssd enclosureusb   c ssd enclosuretype-c   ssd enclosuretype   c ssd enclosuredisplaylink   hub
usb-c nvmeusb   c nvmetype-c   nvmetype   c nvmedisplaylink   adapter
usb-c m.2usb   c m.2type-c   m.2type   c m.2displaylink   docking
usb-c card readerusb   c card readertype-c   card readertype   c card readerdisplaylink   docking station
usb-c ethernetusb   c ethernettype-c   ethernettype   c ethernet
usb-c MacBookusb   c MacBooktype-c   MacBooktype   c MacBook
wireless usb-cwireless   usb cwireless   type-cwireless   type c

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