UC2501 USB-C Docking Base Triple Display HDMI + HDMI + DP

UC2501 USB-C Docking Base HDMI + HDMI + DP
Product Description

UC2501  USB-C Docking Base


This is a metallic multifunctional USB-C docking, which can extend the USB-C port on your laptop. More ports can be extended including HDMI, Audio/Mic, DP, 

USB-C, Ethernet, USB3.0 and SD&TF Card Reader and USB-C female PD charge.

uc2501 docking 1.png

1. PD 3.0

    Support 100W power in;

    Charging limited to 87-96W for safety,

    affected by different firmware.

2. DP

    4Kx2K 3840x2160 @60Hz(work separately if source is DP1.4 ) 

    4Kx2K 3840x2160 @30Hz(work separately if source is DP1.2 ) 

    4Kx2K @30Hz while HDMI & DP work simultaneously.


    2 HDMI can work simultaneously:

    HDMI 1 output: 4Kx2K @60HZ (work separately).

    HDMI 2 output: 4Kx2K @30HZ (work separately).

    HDMI 1 will be 4Kx2K @30HZ if 2 HDMI work simultaneously 4. Max Ethernet Speed: 1000M

5. USB 3.0

    5Gb/s data transfer, downward compatible with USB2.0; 

    power supply up to 4.5W Max.

6. SD/TF Card Reader

    Read: 50 - 104MB/s; Write: 30 - 40MB/s;

    affected by card’s quality.

7. USB- C 3.0

    Data+downstream charge: 5Gbps, 5V/0.9A@4.5W

8. 3.5mm Audio/Mic

uc2501 docking 1.png

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