UC3101 USB-C Hub with Wireless Display Support 10 Meters

UC3101 USB-C Hub with Wireless Display
Product Description

UC3101- USB-C Hub with Wireless Display. We are the only one factory doing this. As we can see,  more and more computers and mobiles with USB-C come out, and the demand for USB-C hubs increased. All the hubs from market are wired.  You should sit near the HDMI or VGA displays while video output. Now, we have a model of UC3101 which supports wireless display,  exactly suitable for office and meeting room.  It supports 10 meters.  You don't need  to sit beside TV or Monitor. 


And the most amazing features are:  NO need any settings,  Plug and Play, Mirror directly, HDMI and VGA can work at the same time, with button to pause the vedio output.

UC3101 :USB-C Hub with Wirelss Display (Transmitter + Receiver)


Product Introduction:

This is a USB-C multi-function hub with wireless display, composed of transmitter and receiver. The built-in conversion chip inside the transmitter converts the DP signal of USB-C to MIPI signal and I2S signal, and encodes the MIPI signal and I2S signal together to audio and video stream, then this stream is sent to the adaptive receiver via 5G WiFi by its private protocol. Support USB-C devices with video output includes mobiles, tablets and Notebooks. And HDMI/VGA output is up to 1080P/60Hz resolution.




1. USB 3.0

5Gb/s data transfer, 5V/0.9A@4.5W

2. SD/TF Card Reader

Read: 50 - 104MB/s; Write: 30 - 40MB/s; affected by card’s quality

3. WiFi supports wireless dual frequency Protocol standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac





2. USB-C

Power supply to the receiver, 5V/2A

3. VGA:


4. 3.5mm Audio

Support max transmission distance 10 meters

No need any settings

Plug and Play,Mirror directly

HDMI and VGA can work at the same time

Support stop/restart the video display by clicking a button



Transmitter Connection:

1. Connect the transmitter to mobiles/tablets/lap tops(USB-C devices should support video output)

2. USB 3.0 : Data transfer

3. Card readers : Data transfer


Receiver Connection:

1. Connect the receiver to the monitors with HDMI or VGA cables

2. Supply power delivery to the receiver via USB-C port

3. It takes around 10 seconds to display video automatically after connecting


1. Don't splash liquid into the connector in case of affecting its performance.

2. The product should be placed in a dry environment rather than a wet place.

3. The product is well-matched in factory, if there’s any accident occurs, pls re-pair it according to the FAQ.

4. Please supply 5V2A power, NOT the USB from TV or lower than 5V2A.

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