UC2209 5 Ports USB-C Hub (TB3)

UC2209 5 Ports USB-C Hub for MacBook 2 USB-C male to 4 * USB3.0 + Thunderbolt 3 ( USB-C female )
Product Description

UC2209  5 Ports USB-C Hub for MacBook

2 USB-C male to 4 * USB3.0  + Thunderbolt 3 ( USB-C female )

1. . Thunderbolt 3

Extend the TB3 from MacBook, keep the original specification of TB3 on MacBook; Bi-Directional Data, up to 40Gb/s data transfer; up to 5K displays; Up to 100W power, charge and provide power from any port; Support more protocols (TB1; TB2; USB3.1; DisplayPort; PCI express).

2. USB 3.0 * 4

5Gb/s data transfer, downward compatible with USB2.0; power supply up to 4.5W Max.

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