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  • UC2001  USB-C Docking Station
  • UC2001  USB-C Docking Station

UC2001 USB-C Docking Station

UC2001 USB-C Docking Station

Product Description

Product Description

UC2001  USB-C Docking Station

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1. DC power input: 20V/6A

2. USB-C input: USB3.1

3. HDMI: 4Kx2K 30HZ(3840x2160), downward compatible 

    with 1080P, 1080I, 720P

    HDMI will be 1080P @60HZ while HDMI & VGA work 


4. VGA : 1080P@60HZ, downward compatible with 1080I, 


5. Ethernet: 1000M

6. Audio output: Optical Fiber Audio USB2.0 (For Version

    A only; Version B doesn’ t have this Fiber Audio)

7. USB-A: USB3.0 /5Gbps /Power supply 5V/0.9A/4.5W max

8. USB-A: USB3.1 /5Gbps /Power supply 5V/0.9A/4.5W max

9. 3.5mm Audio output


11.USB-C: USB3.1 /10Gbps /Power supply 5V/3A/15W max 12.USB-A: USB3.1 /10Gbps /Power supply 5V/1.5A/7.5W max

uc2001 usb c docking.png

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